Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Weekend In London & Blogger Friendship

You may already know that I went on a little trip to London last weekend. It was partly because of the Witch Skin Care event but also so that I could FINALLY meet Victoria aka vvnightingale. Me and Vicky found each other through our blogs and our friendship blossomed last year over our shared love of Eurovision. 

Since then we have been speaking basically non-stop about pretty much everything. We had both joked about how awkward it would be if we didn't actually get on in person but crisis averted, we got on just as well. Oh and neither of us turned out to be evil murderers so it all turned out for the best really. lol..

Of course we had to have a little selfie sesh. Or two. 

Vicky very kindly let me stay at her amazing house in such a lovely area of London.. which I'm so totally not jealous of * eyes emoji *. We went to Wagamama, Biscuiteers, strolled round Chelsea and perused the pretty shops, gossiped, watched Catfish (which i'm now hooked on). Vicky also introduced me to Wasabi which I think is my new favourite food place. I just want Wasabi sushi all day every day please. 

Oh and can we just talk about how ADORABLE Vicky's dog (Molly) is?! SO CUTE! 

I had such a lovely time in London and already can't wait to go back.