Thursday, 14 April 2016

Biscuiteers, London

Whilst I was away on my weekend in London, Vicky (vvnightingale) introduced me to the cutest little café - Biscuiteers on Northcote road. Biscuiteers are a luxury biscuit boutique offering a great range of the most perfect hand iced biscuits.

We stopped for a little midday latté and of course biscuit treat. 

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I opted for a heart shaped vanilla biscuit with the lettering, 'I Love You' on it. Let's just imagine that some dreamy guy bought it for me rather than me buying it for myself okay? Vicky chose a lilac and blue chocolate flower biscuit which unintentionally colour coordinated with my teal coloured biscuit very nicely.

My biscuit was very delicious.. but really, when can you go wrong with a biscuit? It was crunchy but not overly crunchy and the icing added nice sweetness. I could have easily eaten five. I also couldn't really fault the latte as it had the perfect coffee strength and foamy milkiness. I decided to be truly British and enjoy the biscuit dunked into the latté. A somewhat fancier equivalent of a custard cream dipped into a cup of tea. 

Here you can see more of the range of biscuits that you could choose from. Aren't they just so pretty and colourful?! At £3 each they're quite expensive for a small biscuit but each one is ever so perfectly iced and let's not forget that it is a 'luxury biscuit boutique' after all!  

If biscuits aren't really your thing, then they also offer a dreamy range of cakes and pastries. I definitely had my eye on that amazing looking red velvet cake * drools *.

Behind the biscuit making counter there are the most incredible novelty cakes up on shelves. They seriously look more like pieces of art than something you would actually eat. Cake making goals. 

This little gingerbread man ski scene was in the front window of the café. How cute!

I loved the whole feel and decor of the café. Lots of patterns and pretty pastel colours. I also like how it's a shop as well so you can buy biscuit sets, chocolate and other cute things - perfect little gift ideas. 

I definitely want to come back the next time i'm in London as it was a very enjoyable café stop. Reason 374837 why I wish I lived in London: so I can visit the numerous cute and quirky café's.

Have you ever been to Biscuiteers?