Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Although I feel like Instagram is definitely not as good as it was, thanks to the stupid algorithm (seriously? who thought that would be a good idea?), I still find myself putting more effort into 'theming' my account. I don't care if it's uncool and how many weird looks I get. The time springs to mind when I was looking round a supermarket car park for a white car so I could take a picture of my milkshake with a white background. It's fair to say my family thought I had gone a bit mad by that point but I managed to find a white Range Rover and all was well. I feel like you will either relate to this or think I am slightly bonkers. I'm aware I'm probably the latter but hopefully you guys 'get' me. 

I try my best with my theme but I definitely don't have as much of a natural talent for it as some of the people that I follow. It also doesn't help that I live in the middle of nowhere. Let's face it, my theme would be bomb AF if I lived in London or New York. I thought I would share some of my favourite accounts with you all because what's better than sharing some social media love! 

First up, Daisy Ashcroft (@daisyashcroft). Her crisp and minimal white theme is basically my theme goal. Every picture is just so cute and perfect. Also she manages to capture lots of pretty pictures of London which gives me major London life envy. 

My partner in crime, Victoria (@vvnightingale) has the loveliest theme going on at the moment. I absolutely love all the pastel colours and cutesy style. She also features a lot of coffee and I for one am an appreciator of pictures of pretty latté art. 

I've been following Hayley (@hayerlily) on Instagram for a while now and I just find her feed so aesthetically pleasing. She studies surface pattern and produces such beautiful and intricate paper cutting designs (I'm not exactly sure whether there's a proper word for them). Her account also features lots of latte art so.. need I say more.

The epitome of all things pink and girly! Catherine's feed ( is basically a work of art. Everything is just so fairy-princess-unicorn-magical-esque. She also makes the most beautiful cakes - I long for those cake decorating skills. 

The last favourite that I'm sharing with you is Charlotte's account (@_charlottesweb). I love her light and floral aesthetic - very pretty. She posts delicious looking foodie pictures and I love her outfit photos as I really admire her style.

Well.. those are my current favourites! I'd love to know what your favourites are? - let me know in the comments. Oh and feel free to follow me on Instagram if you wish (@r_achelmarie).