Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Quay Australia Sunglasses

I've been lusting after a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses since they became all the rage last year. I love the quirky and statement style of QA sunglasses so it definitely took me a while to narrow down which pair I wanted..If only I could afford them all * sigh *. I opted for the ever so trendy cat eye shape with mirrored lenses and marble frames. Yes I picked marble. Could I be more cliché? Probably not. This particular style is actually exclusive to Asos.

I'm pretty fussy with sunglasses and usually find it so difficult to find a pair that are the right size/shape for my fairly round baby face (wasn't I blessed..). These though. Never have I ever been so in love with a pair of sunglasses. 

I really didn't even expect to like them as much as I do. I just find the style is so flattering and they're the perfect size - not ridiculously big (although some people think they are) but still statement. I mostly wear black/minimial colours so the marble design adds a little something. 

It's also worth noting that for a well known designer brand seen on high profile celebrities, QA are super inexpensive. The pair I bought were only £30 (Here's the link to them)

Do you have any Quay Australia sunglasses?