Saturday, 10 December 2016

Mangobean, Darlington

Mangobean is a relatively new cafe in Darlington. It's actually a chain cafe but I don't think I've ever come across another one before. They do all your typical Starbs coffee's as well as delicious Belgian waffles with brownies, ice cream and marshmallows - YUM. 

The decor is cool and has a kind of jungle theme to it. It's quirky which goes with the peculiar cafe name. Why Mangobean? I ordered a pumpkin spice cappuccino - any cafe that has pumpkin spice syrup is a winner. My friend went for a regular mocha and waffle (which looked amazing). 

The coffee was really yum but not quite as strong as I usually like it. They put the perfect amount of pumpkin spice in and I LOVED the coffee art. My friend said the waffle was nice but a little undercooked and dough-y. How delicious does it look though!

The thing that stands out about Mangobean is how cheap it is. My coffee was the large size, with an added syrup and still only came to around £2.95. It's what, half the price of Starbucks and arguably better as I find Starbs can be SO hit and miss.

Mangobean is definitely worth a coffee stop if you get the chance. Super inexpensive and yummy coffee with all the coffee options you could want. They actually have a special chilli latté on at the moment which I'm really keen to try.