Monday, 5 December 2016

The Fossgate Social, York

On Saturday I went to York to catch up with a friend who I hadn't seen for 3 whole years! I hadn't been to York since last year which is crazy considering it's probably my favourite city - also where I was born and lived until I was 6. I get so many nostalgic feels whenever I go! 

A trip to York (or anywhere for that matter) meant coffee and cake was very much an essential. My friend recommended the Fossgate social which is a cafe bar - something I very much like the concept of. Brownie and a G&T anyone? I just think it's cool how you could be sipping a latte and eating cake while your friend is getting on 'the sesh'. L o l.

The aesthetic of the cafe was really cool too. Quite dark as you would expect a bar to be, but still with cafe styled decor. It was SO busy and we actually ended up sitting outside in the freezing cold... but hey, what are hot drinks for. 

I ordered a vanilla latté (they don't have syrups on display but I asked), my friend ordered an americano (I know, how boring) and we both went for the chocolate orange cake. The coffee was really really good. The coffee was strong and they put quite a lot of vanilla syrup in it. Some people might have found it too sweet but I'm a big fan of super sweet coffee and hate when they don't put enough syrup in. The cake was yum and tasted like Terry's chocolate orange.. but a bit on the dry side and could have definitely done with more icing. 

I would definitely recommend the Fossgate Social. The atmosphere is just really great and I'm definitely craving that coffee again right now.