Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Unibox

Subscription boxes are definitely all the rage at the moment and I can see why. There's something so exciting about receiving a mystery box of goodies! The Unibox were kind enough to let me try one of their boxes. The Uni Box is basically a subscription care package for uni students, because hey, uni students aren't always the best at looking after themselves!

The box contains a mix of things such as healthy treats and fun and useful items. The one I received was absolutely spot on for me as it contained my favourite Little's chocolate and caramel coffee (soooO yum) and a cute coffee flask. CARPE CAFFEINE GUYS. There was also a vegan oat bar, two marshmallow bars, a multivitamin spray and a hand made grapefruit soap which smells amaaaaazing.

A 6 month subscription costs £22.50 per box (one box per month) which may seem a lot for a subscription service but what's great about this one is that it's actually filled with really cool stuff and not just cheapy things that you'd probably leave on the side and forget about. The actual value of the box I received is £39 - so pretty good going! Oh and they also currently have an offer where you can get 15% off the March Uni Box if you use the code UNIBOX15 at the check out.

For those stuck on what to get your Mum for Mothers day, they also have an adorable Mothers day box coming up... helping students be on time this mothers day! But yeah, overall I think the Unibox is a really fab subscription box as you get such a great mix of things and the things you get are actually all really good! 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

I'm a brand ambassador & social media person! (for Mangobean)

I have a new and exciting announcement. Well probably not mega exciting for you.. but for me, very cool. As the title sums up, I'm going to be running the social media accounts for Mangobean in Darlington as well as being a brand ambassador. 

Happy days.

But really very happy days. Mangobean is definitely one of my absolute favourite places to go for coffee. Not only is the coffee extremely good (we're talking super smooth with no bitterness or weird after taste at all mmmMMMmm) but they also have every coffee syrup you could possibly imagine, they sell WAFFLES (with all different toppings), healthy smoothies, cakes, coffee cocktails and frappé's. Oh and they also stay open until 9pm which is so fab because there's not enough coffee places where you can get your fix in the evening.

I'm really excited to theme the Instagram and immerse myself in all things coffee! It would be much appreciated if you guys would give @mangobeandarlo a follow on Instagram and Twitter, as well as liking the Facebook page - then you guys will get to see all the stuff I'm posting which you really don't want to miss out on ;)

Friday, 17 February 2017

Quilliam Brothers' Teahouse, Newcastle

I went to another coffee place!.. well actually a teahouse. I can't really argue with it being a teahouse when they offer 60 loose-leaf tea varieties. Shockingly I'm really not a big fan of tea at all. EVEN more shockingly, I didn't order a coffee either. I needed something refreshing so I went for a chocolate milkshake. Lowkey wish I have forced myself to have a coffee because the latte art looked ever so majestic. The chocolate milkshake was sooooO chocolatey and great though. My friend ordered a chai latte which in the past I've not been a fan of, but this one was so sweet and delicious and coated in cinnamon. Yum. 

We also both ordered a honey and lemon chicken sandwich (or 'stottie' as they called it -  which I've never come across in my life). The sandwich was delish and It also came with new potatoes!!!!!!!!!!! Any variety of potato or carb for that matter is a yes from me. They have a student discount so it only came to around £8 each. What a bargainous time to be alive. 

I wish I'd got more pictures of the actual teahouse because it is literally so hipster and #edgy. To be honest I'm still a bit shy when it comes to taking photos in public. I am getting there though. Definitely didn't stand on a chair to get the perfect flatlay the other day :). 

Friday, 10 February 2017

b.tempt'd lingerie

So apparently I just blog about pretty underwear these days... 

Can we just talk about how gorgeous this red set from b.tempt'd is though. SUPER GORGEOUS and very in line with the Valentines vibes at the moment. When b.tempt'd said I could choose a set from their collection, it was quite the task. They honestly have the most beautiful range of underwear. However recently I discovered that red is 'my colour' and now I feel like I must have everything in red - so this set that is part of the b.sultry collection was the clear winner. 

The quality is absolute 10/10. I feel like red underwear can sometimes look a bit cheapy and tacky - which this set doesn't at all. Wearing a matching underwear set always makes your life feel that bit more put together, but a matching RED underwear set. Well. It makes my life feel more put together but also makes me feel like a sassy queen (I recommend teaming with heeled black boots (and obviously the rest of your outfit, lol) and power walking down the street. Sassy queen levels will be off the scale)). I need to stop using the phrase sassy queen before I vom a little bit. 

Where's your favourite place to buy pretty underwear?