Friday, 17 February 2017

Quilliam Brothers' Teahouse, Newcastle

I went to another coffee place!.. well actually a teahouse. I can't really argue with it being a teahouse when they offer 60 loose-leaf tea varieties. Shockingly I'm really not a big fan of tea at all. EVEN more shockingly, I didn't order a coffee either. I needed something refreshing so I went for a chocolate milkshake. Lowkey wish I have forced myself to have a coffee because the latte art looked ever so majestic. The chocolate milkshake was sooooO chocolatey and great though. My friend ordered a chai latte which in the past I've not been a fan of, but this one was so sweet and delicious and coated in cinnamon. Yum. 

We also both ordered a honey and lemon chicken sandwich (or 'stottie' as they called it -  which I've never come across in my life). The sandwich was delish and It also came with new potatoes!!!!!!!!!!! Any variety of potato or carb for that matter is a yes from me. They have a student discount so it only came to around £8 each. What a bargainous time to be alive. 

I wish I'd got more pictures of the actual teahouse because it is literally so hipster and #edgy. To be honest I'm still a bit shy when it comes to taking photos in public. I am getting there though. Definitely didn't stand on a chair to get the perfect flatlay the other day :).