Friday, 24 March 2017

Coffee for your face, Scrub Love

You all know how much I love coffee. So much that I want to coat my body in it. Lol. 

I was very kindly send a coffee body scrub from Scrub Love and I tell you what, I can confirm that smelling like coffee while sipping on a latte is a very nice experience. One that I recommend to all coffee enthusiasts out there. 

The scrub came in the cutest packaging. I got the mint flavour (there is also original and a coconut one). I'm glad I got the mint one though. It's really refreshing and has gives that tingly minty feel. You're supposed to use it all over your body but i've just been using it on my face. Admittedly it's a really messy product and if I attempted a full body scrub there would be minty coffee all over my bedroom. 

I found the scrub to be very cleansing and refreshing. Probably the perfect scrub to use when you're hungover after a night out and you're feeling mega gross. My skin was left feeling super smooth and the perfect base to apply makeup on.