Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Flat White Café, Durham

After wanting to go for a very long time (thanks to all the amazing looking pictures on Instagram), I finally made a visit to the Flat White Café in Durham. It was very busy when we arrived but thankfully there was a free table! The decor was cool and very shabby/rustic kinda chic. Everything is mismatched yet it all seems to work together and look ever so cool. I took a LOT of pictures which is always a good sign.

Since it's the Flat White Kitchen I thought I better stick with the theme and order a flat white. Actually a vanilla flat white because I'm not grown up enough to drink coffee without an overload of sugar. The art was amazing and there's something about coffee served in a clear glass that makes it so much more appealing than when it's in a regular mug. The coffee was supER strong but in the best way possible. There was no bitterness and it was silky smooth. Ahhh just thinking about it is giving me all the coffee cravings. I think I must have downed the coffee in less than a minute. I hate to say it, but after experiencing all these amazing coffees I am now unable to drink Costa/Starbucks coffee. Not that I'm a coffee snob or anything.. but independent coffee shops serve coffee that is soooo much nicer and with no gross after taste. No going back after that!

The food was equally as amazing. I ordered a chicken and home made pesto sandwich because pesto is the besto. Haaaaaaaa. The seeded wholemeal bread was super fresh and tasted home made. The pesto was DELICIOUS and the filling to bread ratio was spot on. All in all, what I would describe as being the perfect sandwich. I'm dying to go back for brunch so I can try out the amazing pancakes they have (BAKEWELL PANCAKES). 

I was so v v v impressed with The Flat White Café. It's cute, quirky, cool and makes the ideal brunch/coffee date spot.