Sunday, 30 April 2017

Hadley's Coffee House n some happy snaps

I was reunited with my super cool pal Leo, so we celebrated with coffee. No better way to celebrate right? It actually took us a while to find a cafe with any space which can mean only one thing!... coffee culture is evidently growing and I am definitely not complaining about it. 

Eventually we found a cute little place called Hadley's Coffee House and we both ordered Cappuccino's. The coffee was goood although slightly on the weaker side. Still yum though and I LOOVE when cafe's have sugar cubes rather than sugar sachets. I swear they taste nicer?

The decor of the cafe is really cute and very wooden themed. The upstairs is actually currently being renovated so i'm intrigued to see what that's like when it's finished! 

Queue cute decor pics...

Oh and is it even a proper coffee trip if I don't nag my pal to attempt to take a nice photo of me?

Here is a visual representation of how happy I am when presented with coffee...