Monday, 10 April 2017

The brunch of dreams (best granola ever)

On my birthday, me and some friends made a very hungover trip out to Coffee Culture in York. My bestie India, very kindly treated me to a birthday brunch. LOVE YOU (if you're reading this). 

Coffee Culture is a little cafe on Goodramgate. It's a small but tall building with 3 floors and steep rickety staircases. Each floor is so cute and cosy! 

I ordered a berry smoothie and granola in the hope that it would cure my highly hungover state. In all honesty it didn't cure me.. but at that point I don't think anything could. Lol. Nonetheless it was still an absolutely delicious brunch! The smoothie was refreshing and sweet enough for me - I'm not a fan of an unsweetened smoothie that tastes tart. The granola was served so cutely. In a bowl with a ramekin of yogurt, ramekin of fruit coulis and a little bottle of milk on the side. AW! I love how I had the option to add what I wanted even though I ended up just adding it all - standard Rach.

I'm a big granola fan but this was without a doubt the yummiest I have tasted. Super crunchy with looads of dried fruit and nuts. I'm now working literally just across the road from Coffee Culture so I'll for sure be heading back here for lots of my lunch breaks!