Sunday, 2 April 2017

The double Dutch pancake house, York

I met up with a friend from Sixth Form for a little catch up. I originally wanted to go to Brew & Brownie which is an adorable little coffee shop in the city centre. I've tried to go 4 times now and EVERY single time it is packed. I WILL get in one day.

My friend recommended the Double Dutch Pancake House so we went there instead - another place that had actually been on my list of cafe's to go. They sell authentic Dutch pancakes along with other traditional Dutch foods like stroopwaffles (yummiest sweet chewy cinnamonny treats EVER).

I'm yet to come across someone who doesn't like pancakes. Pancakes are just, so, Y U M.

The menu has soooo much choice which means I'm going to have to make many more trips to try them all. There's savoury, sweet and breakfast pancakes, all available gluten free. As I'm trying to be healthy and I wasn't starvingly hungry, I went for a pancake topped with yogurt, honey and berry compote. My friend went for a pancake topped with banana, salted caramel and whipped cream - I know, I soon regretted my own choice. He also ordered a banana milkshake and I went for a standard latte. I'm definitely getting the peanut butter milkshake next time I go though. 

As you can see in the pictures, the pancakes were served looking ever so aesthetically pleasing. Mine tasted amazing although I could have done with slightly more honey as I am a bit of a sugar fiend. The coffee was also actually really good despite the lack of latté art. 

I love the bright and cutesy decor of the cafe and the really chilled vibe. I also don't normally take much notice of this but the waitress who served us was very very lovely and it really does make a difference to the cafe experience ha ha. 

I'll definitely be making another visit soon! 

Here is me posing with my latté