Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I moved out and went on some cafe dates

Soooo last month I said goodbye to my family home and hello to a shared house in York (unfortunately my front door isn't actually the pretty pink one in the picture but we can pretend ok). For me, someone who last year couldn't imagine having the guts to go it alone, it's a pretty big deal! I'm very much a home comforts kind of person (aka high maintenance) and feeling lonely is my absolute least favourite thing. Throwback to when I was 18 and lasted three days at uni in Manchester, lol (you can read about that here). The thought of being completely independent scared me but my life has recently changed a lot. I got a new job! It made me realise that I 100% could do it. I just had to be brave for a change. Ha.

My room is so 'me'. Very white with two windows - perfect for Instagram picture taking. My housemates are all nice and chill. The house is a 20 minute walk from the city centre which I think is ideal. I mean it would be cool to be closer but not complaining about getting more exercise! 

It's so weird to be able to say that I've moved out of my parents house and am living independently in a city. I feel ever so grown up. I'm so excited for the future and all the opportunities that my new job and living in a city will bring. Let's face it, the main thing is the fact that I can go to cute cafe's all the time now! I am most definitely setting a large chunk of my budget towards cafe dates. 

I recently made a trip to Brew and Brownie to have a catch up with my friend, Aggie. I'd been wanting to go for ages because I ALWAYS see it on Instagram and it definitely lived up to all of my Instagram aesthetic dreams. I had a white chocolate and blueberry blondie which was just, magical. They also made me the most amazing iced vanilla latte with the perfect coffee ombre. Coffee ombre has got to be the new latte art right? Anyway I need to go back again ASAP so I can experience their amazing pancakes. 

I also made a trip to Osbornes @ 68 with my fave, India. It's such a cute cafe and the baked vanilla cheesecake was soooo dreamy. Baked cheesecake over unbaked cheesecake any day. 

If anyone has any cafe recommendations in York hmu !!!!! 

Also yes my cafe pictures are out of focus because STUPID me keeps accidentally putting my camera in the wrong setting? What kind of an Instagrammer am I ?????????????